Weekly Transit Watch: September 8 – September 14, 2013

This Week’s Notable Transits:

Mercury enters Libra September 9th

Mars squares Saturn September 9th

Venus enters Scorpio September 10th

Mars quincunxes Pluto September 10th

The Moon’s Waxing Quarter September 12th

Mercury squares Pluto September 14th

Mars trines Uranus September 14th

Those readers familiar with these WTWs know by now that we like to view the transits in the context of the faster planets joining, by aspect, the slower ones forming the backdrop for the planetary dramas that people are likely to be experiencing in their immediate narratives.

The Current Backdrop Complex:

This complex, in place now for many recent WTWs, has been formed by the relationships between four planets:  Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  The latter three are the outermost planets, and thus the slowest of the bodies we track.

They are all now retrograde, further slowing them.  In fact, Pluto, slowing to a station going direct on September 20th, is, for all practical purposes, riveted to one spot with a variance of only four minutes of zodiacal arc throughout the month of September.

Those with the 9th degree active in their natal wheels will be having those themes of Pluto come alive in their current narratives.

The fundamental aspects in this complex have been Saturn’s trine to Neptune and the square between Uranus and Pluto.  Saturn trine Neptune is separating and will be quite wide of orb before we get too much deeper into September.

With this current WTW, though still in loose trine to Neptune, Saturn is also now within aspect to the Uranus-Pluto square, with these two tightening toward the next in their series of exact squares on November 1st.

Visiting the Backdrop This Week:

Although we are still in the summer season, admittedly the last few weeks, this week’s transits have a scorpionic tone to them.

On September the 10th Mars quincunxes Pluto exact and Venus enters Scorpio, and all within half an hour.  If you are a recipient of this Pluto station, that is, with a hotspot around 9 degrees, this will energize that transit for you.

Mars and Pluto are the co-rulers of Scorpio, and now Venus moves into that sign to try on a new pair of shoes, so to speak, to deviate from the usual way that planet treads.

In opening up the sense of ease and harmony to deeper experiences we sometimes encounter love as Prank or love as Passionate Drama.  These can be the means to explore any wounds we may have from earlier experiences when we may have felt possessed or victimized by another.  This can play out in obsessions and complex behaviors such as the love/hate, push me away-pull me closer kinds of patterns that give us some of our more colorful romantic episodes.

Risk-taking often rises up at the service of both healthy liberation or difficult lessons or both, depending on the fortune and consciousness and deeper intentions of the actors involved.

Mars has now moved into the backdrop complex and dominates the transit panorama this week.

This begins with the square to Saturn on the 9th, a fine time to work with care and caution.  Also a fine time to assert oneself against authorities, IF the Saturn tone colors the assertions of Mars and not the other way.  That is, go through the appropriate channels and control anger by directing its heat into productivity, most effectively in relative solitude.

Some touched by this transit will work as if the survival of their loved ones or themselves depended upon it.  If you are one of these, don’t resent those who are not so driven.  This is your transit; it may not also be theirs.

Mars then makes a trine to Uranus on the 14th.

If you are in the clan affected by that Uranus-Pluto square, do a little anger management preemptively.  This will pay off handsomely in averting a crisis that could color the times long past the transit.

Also on September 9th, Mercury enters Libra.  This planet is zooming these days.  Now is the time to launch important Mercury-related matters, well in advance of the retrograde station on October 21st.

By the end of the week Mercury engages with the backdrop complex by making a square to Pluto on the 14th.

This foreshadows our next WTW, when Mercury will aspect Uranus and Mars.

Good luck rolling with these changes.  TH

Times and Dates: Pacific Daylight Zone

Mercury enters Libra:  September 9th at 12:08 AM

Mars squares Saturn:  September 9th at 4:04 AM at 7°52′ Leo to Scorpio

Venus enters Scorpio:  September 10th at 11:17 PM

Mars quincunxes Pluto:  September 10th at 11:51 PM at 9°01′ Leo to Capricorn

The Moon’s Waxing Quarter:  September 12th at 10:09 AM at 20°06′ Sagittarius to Virgo

Mercury squares Pluto:  September 14th at 1:28 PM at 9°0′ Libra to Capricorn

Mars trines Uranus:  September 14th at 1:54 PM at 11°16′ Leo to Aries


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